Leap Forward with the Right Dance Gear

Leap Forward with the Right Dance Gear
Leap Forward with the Right Dance Gear
With shows like the ‘Next Step’ and ‘The Greatest Dancer’ arriving on our screens, it’s no wonder more and more of us are getting into dance.  
This high intensity activity is not only great for burning a few calories but is also a whole lot of fun and the best part is almost anyone can do it. 
So whether you’re training for a West End Musical or just learning some steps for your latest TikTok video, you’ll still need the right gear. 
Dancing can be a high intensity activity and having great activewear is essential. And if it looks great too, that’s just a bonus right?
So before you channel your inner Shakira have a look at our five activewear options perfect for every style of dancer. 
  1. For Light Intensity Dancers 
If your dancing isn’t too high intensity and you are looking for something light and cool that will provide you with all the flexibility and comfort that you need, check out the JL Yogi leggings. These lightweight leggings provide the perfect comfort for low impact dancing and can be paired perfectly with the JL Ambition Top an everyday cotton cami style top which will have you feeling secure whilst also giving you freedom of movement and not restricting you. 
  1. For Fashion Conscious Dancers
If you are looking for activewear that you can still feel sleek and stylish in while attending dance practice. Then try the JL Glam leggings. The perfect mid waisted style with subtle contouring is the perfect blend of activewear meets fashion. Try pairing these girly and glam leggings with the JL Support Top in Pink for the perfect colour coordinated combination. 
  1. For That all Important Lift
And no we don’t mean the Dirty Dancing lift, we’re still working on that one. This lift is even better and will have you feeling confident for hitting that post lockdown dance class. The JL Enhance ‘Butt Lifting’ Leggings are perfect for faking it till you make it. Especially if you take part in performance dance, there’s nothing better than feeling good about yourself and these leggings will do just that. The ruched detail on the back helps with lift and sculpt to have you feeling like a million dollars.
  1. For High Energy Dancers 
For those who need more support in their activewear look no further. There’s nothing worse than worrying about your dancewear not supporting you and we have the solution. The JL Athleisure legging are everything you could want in a sports legging with performance material, high elasticity and compression, these are the perfect leggings for getting your sweat on. Pair them with the JL Ultra Sports Bra which whilst being stretchy and breathable will definitely stay put during your workout.
  1. For Street Dancers
For those taking part in contemporary and street dance that want to look cool while they are dancing. Try out the JL Street leggings, these leggings have been specifically developed with you in mind. They allow you to switch up your look from the street to the studio without even having to change your outfit. Featuring two bright colours in this modern pattern they are sure to help with your street cred.
Check out the full range of JL Leggings for more ideas and options.


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