We’ve passed the Push with Ush test

We’ve passed the Push with Ush test

When it comes to working out, we take our lead from Ush.

Squatting, stretching or simply adding more movement and fitness into her everyday life, Ush is the woman in the know when it comes to exercise.

So we thought it only right to get her to put our leggings to the test and see if they passed the “Push with Ush” test.


Well, she’s a certified fitness trainer and personal coach who’s totally transformed her own lifestyle to get healthier and happier.

And she’s turned her passion into her profession helping Asian Females become the best version of themselves through mindset, fitness and nutrition.

After going from a dress size 24 to a 12, losing 32kg and finally finding balance, Ush has helped more than 250 women find their best selves. She uses her own personal experience of navigating both her British and Asian culture, to help educate, inform and empower.

We love Ush’s passion for health and fitness.

She’s also a straight talker.

So we knew if our leggings didn’t fit the bill – she’d be honest with us!

Knowing that Ush likes to mix it up with her fitness, we knew we had to pick leggings that were suitable for squats and deadlifting as well as options that could make sure Ush was ready to make the most of her next yoga session or just to chill in style.

And the results are in.

Ush is a fan!!

Trying the JL Airbrush and JL Perform, Ush gave her honest feedback on the performance, fit and functionality of the leggings.

Squat, stretch, flatter and fit, Ush has given her honest thoughts on these leggings and when and where she would wear them.

Check out the video to hear from Ush herself. 

We’ve passed Push with Ush test and can’t wait to hear your feedback on the Just Leggings range.

To find out more about Ush’s programmes go to


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